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Chris Sendrowski


Chris Pickhardt
Shooter and best friend extroadanaire

Why book video? It's a question I hear over and over again. It's cheesy, it's dated, it's obtrusive. These are just some of the stigmas that have haunted my industry for years.

But the one I hear most often is: "I wish I had booked video."

After all, it's cheaper than photography and we use the exact same equipment. And with video, you get a memory of the day that is alive, incorporating both audio and moving images. A detail that will be cherished years from now when loved ones pass on.

And that's where I come in.

Utilizing the latest in SLR equipment and lenses, I will provide you with a natural, photo journalistic memory of your event without staging shots or using any other corny tricks. Just your day as it actually occurred.


More importantly, I handle everything myself, from the shooting to the editing. You'll never have to deal with a stranger or someone unfamiliar with your day.


And that brings us to your wedding day. When I arrive, I will work around your photographer and guests so I can capture the day without intruding on its natural flow. I don't wheel around enormous tripods or dollies, there will be no ten man team of cameramen buzzing around your guests, and I use minimal lighting gear only when necessary. I also only shoot handheld with image stabilizers, allowing me to move freely so as not to miss any important moments.

Throughout the editing process, I use music of your choosing in order to produce an original film that is both timeless and cutting edge. I welcome input and I am always open to suggestions in order to provide you with the best film I can.

With my seasoned staff and over eighteen years of full-time experience, I will make sure that you and your family have a film encapsulating your event at a cost far below our competition.

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